Who is Corey?

Corey Gonzalez is a brand management and marketing specialist for artists and brands looking to grow or get noticed.

With a background in entrepreneurship, brand development, and marketing, Corey Gonzalez, is a brand management & marketing specialist at S1 Agency, a creative agency helping artists, brands and professionals get noticed and grow their audience. Adept at creating and maintaining successful strategies for problem-solving aimed at small business development and growth, Corey thrives on helping individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners get from where they are to where they want to be.


Extensive experience conceiving, planning and executing strategic development of personal and business objectives that drive performance and bottom-line results. Originator of bold and innovative business strategies which have resulted in extraordinary growth, increased operational performance and profitability. Strong sales and marketing skills with extremely versatile management qualifications.


    • Influence others through inspiration, motivation and ethical principals.
    • Develop winning strategies that push business & people forward with integrity.
    • Motivate others to accomplish more and continually raise the bar.


Entrepreneur, Consultant, Business Strategy & Development, Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, Real Estate Agent, Asset Manager, Property Manager, Marketing Professional, SEO, Web designer, Music Professional, Business Owner.


      • Leadership
      • Problem-Solving
      • Strategies
      • Planning
      • Productivity
      • Operations
      • Consulting
      • Marketing
      • Small Business
      • Music Industry

Corey’s Skills

SEO/Online Presence

“When opportunity comes, it’s too late to prepare.” ~ John Wooden